Monday, 29 September 2014

Schnellboot S130

I stumbled across this yesterday and it caught my interest. My grandfather worked at Mashfords boat yard in the 1960's as a marine engineer before retiring to live in Millbrook, just round the corner. As a kid, I used to go sailing and fishing with him in his boat off what was then a dilapidated and mud filled site at Southdown. I vividly remember circumnavigating HMS Eagle in the Hamoaze, complete with it's emormous island mounted radar, back in the mid 70's and clambering over the old brickworks on a Sunday afternoon.

Anyway, despite a distinct absence of updates, it looks like there's a vintage S-boat in restoration on site, even though the work seems to have halted in the last few years. I'm sure there's much more to this story than I can find on the net at the moment, but I'd be very interested to know what's happened to the restoration project since the last update. It would be a real shame if it's come to an end for whatever reason and I'd be keen to find out the fate of S130, if you can shine a light on the story.

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