Sunday, 2 December 2012

Bag the Hun Operation Bodenplatte [5]

It was the usual busy Sunday today but in between the boy's rugby training, the weekly shop, re-felting the shed roof, cooking a roast dinner and ferrying the kids to and fro, I did manage to get the bulk of the late war Luftwaffe prepared and based up. This consists of eight lovely Museum Miniatures FW190D's and four sturdy Raiden Miniatures Bf109K's.

I will be adding eight FW190A8's to this initial mix, once I've made up my mind between the very well detailed Raiden Miniatures version or the less detailed but slightly more sculptural Museum Miniatures model. I may also add some Raiden Miniatures Bf109G6 or a couple of Ta152's, if I have the time. What I'd really like are some decent Me262's but the only good ones I can think of are the very expensive GHQ models, which are well beyond my limited budget.


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