Sunday, 16 December 2012

The Hobbit

Oh dear.

Went to see this with the boys yesterday and thought it was...average.

I liked Gollum, the trolls, the eagles and the wargs but there were several bits that spoiled the whole thing as far as I'm concerned, top of which has to be Sylvester McCoy and his rabbits, followed by the posh goblin king and his floodlit cave made of coffee stirrers, the moose riding elf and, last but not least, the Vidal Sassoon dwarves.

A marginal 4/10.

I just hope he does a far better job with Dambusters!


  1. Dambusters? Peter Jackson? Shudder...

  2. Oh now that is a shame, I was rather hoping to hear that it was great! Might still be tempted to go and see it though.

  3. I can't say I'm surprised, Peter Jackson is just looking to fill a hole in his money castle with this trash. He had the chance to make a single, excellent film of this book and has buggered it up out of greed.

    The wife and I have no intentions of going to see this.

  4. Eagerly waiting to watch the film, but very disappointed to know that PJ has decided to trounce the book in three films. And now this review (the second negative I read this weekend)... I'm doomed, I know, but I'm 99% sure that I will watch the film

  5. Here in New Zealand a lot of us don't like Peter Jackson. The Government changed employment law at his behest and stripped local actors of basic rights. The Hobbit was subsidised to the tune of $100m whilst we've seen thousands of manufacturing jobs disappear because our dollar is so over valued we can't export...

  6. While I can't speak to the ethicality of Mr. Jackson's production methods. I'm going to be the lone voice here and say that -- actually, I liked it.

    There were several imperfections to be sure, but the vast majority of films are imperfect.

    By and large, it was entertaining, well made, and I thought anyway -- just a darn good movie.