Thursday, 25 March 2010

Easter Holiday Project

Now that I've nearly finished the planes for the participation game, which is a really good as I'm thoroughly fed up with the things, I can start to look ahead to the Easter holidays in a weeks time.

We're off to Brittany for almost the whole two weeks so I'm going to take something with me to paint and try to actually paint it! I've done this for three or four holidays in a row and achieved nothing so it's time I bit the bullet and got on with it. It needs to be fairly minimalist and require only a handful of paints, so...

...the current front runners are:

1. Two or three units of 28mm BUF for VBCW, which I can base and undercoat next week.
2. Two or three units of 28mm Japanese for the Back of Beyond, which I've started already and just need finishing off (there are a couple of pictures above of one such unit)
3. Two or three units of 28mm Late War British, which also need preparation.
4. Something else.....but NO planes!

This needs some thought so I'll dig out the various boxes of figures and have a think...

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