Monday, 29 March 2010

Silly Buggers.

For some reason the blogger wotsit seems to be playing silly buggers with the piccies this afternoon but, in the true Dunkirk spirit of stiff upper lipishness, we'll carry on regardless.

I've finally managed to get the postponed Aeronef game against Andy's combined Belgian - Luxembourg fleet on for tomorrow evening, although at the expense of a Bag The Hun 2 try out game. I just haven't had the time to read through the BTH2 rules and neither has Andy, so it's the trusty fall back alternative one brain cell Aeronef option instead.

The mighty Portuguese armada was throroughly trashed by the duplicitous Belgies last time so they're out for revenge. I suspect they may get thoroughly trashed again as Andy is a master of aerial ironclad manoevering and has an uncanny ability to do the right thing at the the right time, in contrast to my 'full steam ahead and damn the (aerial) torpedoes' approach to things.

Anyway, as promised here are some photos of my Bolshevik Aeronef fleet, which won't be sallying forth tomorrow but may well be dispatched at a later date if the Portuguese don't cut the mustard or pass the port tomorrow.

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  1. Like the Bolshies, the alt-RCW in Aeronef is one I am keen to develop once I've got some free time...