Thursday, 4 March 2010

A Good Day!

The Ofsted inspection at my school is now over and things seem to have gone well.I can now get back to normality i.e. back to the workbench and painting table.

As if to encourage my return to real life, the Crusader Late War British have finally arrived. The delay was due to stuff having to be cast but, reading between the lines, I think they just lost the order in the system somewhere. Anyway, no compaints as the figures are very nice and I'm a happy shopper.

I also got a parcel through the post from Mark with the first installment of the JU88A1's for the participation game. There are six in the initial delivery and very nice they are too. The panel scribing should come up very well with a bit of a wash while the little 500kg bombs to attach to the underwing racks are very neat.

With the imminent arrival of the rest of the Raiden planes I'm going to have to leave the Kittyhawks to a later date but I will still get the SM81 and Bf109F's done as a lead in to the bombers. I can't wait to get cracking on them and will start at the weekend once I work out a temporary way to stick them to a painting stand of some sort.

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