Saturday, 20 March 2010

Ju88 basecoat completed

I finished off the basecoat on the JU88's this morning having decided to stick with the shade I mixed for the first batch. It's looks fine in retrospect and should match well with the planes painted by Andy, Andrew and Jon. The bombers are ready for masking up which I'm going to start and, hopefully, finish by the end of the weekend.

We went to Southampton today and I was given the boys to drag around while my wife took Amelie to West Quay to look at sofas. This was a good thing, as I hate West Quay, but it did mean I had to disentangle the sprogs on several occasions as they beat each other to a pulp in various public places.

Despite this arduous exercise in child management, I did score some good stuff in the form of a book on German airborne forces in WW2 from a charrity shop, a reduced price paperback copy of Operation Kronstadt by Harry Ferguson, which I've wanted to read for a while, and a plastic storage box for the leadpile.

However, the best bit was that I discovered a newly opened branch of Modelzone and, as a result, was able to pick up some 6mm Tamiya tape to mask the Ju88's with and two pots of Black Green paint, one Tamiya and one Revell, so that I don't need to mix up the correct shade for the upper surface splinter camouflage.

I was also tempted to get some half price Pegasus 1/72nd scale Soviet tanks for Rapid Fire! but resisted the temptation.

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  1. Jim,

    if you could tae some as you go shots of your masking techniques it'd help a newbie.. thanks