Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Wings At War Battle of Britain

The Wings at War starter pack for Sramble for Britain arrived yesterday from Tumbling Dice. It's the usual A5 format stapled booklet with a very nice colour cover in glossy card rather than the usual plain card used on other sets in the series. The layout and mechanisms will be familiar to anyone who has seen a set of Wings At War rules before, with the established system of movement and aerial combat applied in this case to the Battle of Britain.

There are, of course, specific rules for the Battle of Britain including the table layout, formation flying, bombing targets, radar and night fighters, the last of which looks like a really interesting addition to the system. Overall, the new period specific additions to the basic rules are very well thought out and should give a historically realistic feel to the game. In combination with the starter pack of selected TD 1/600th scale planes, the whole package represents excellent value for money.

I doubt I'll be taking the plunge into Scramble for Britain at the moment, however, as I already have plans for Mig Alley which should come first in the list of things to do. I've also got quite a few planes in 1/300th for Bag The Hun, so should focus on that first when it comes to the Battle of Britain. On the other hand, I like the system and the TD planes so much that I might just add a few more Spitfires, Hurricanes, Stukas and the so on to the collection, just in case I feel the need to do 1940 in a smaller scale and at a larger level.

Highly recommended!

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