Monday, 15 March 2010

Musketeer BUF

These turned up in a neat little box on the doorstep over the weekend so I opened them up when I got home last night for a quick look. I ordered the command group, two rifle armed packs and the Vickers team. All are very nice castings and an excellent match for the Empress Assaultos that I already have in the BUF collection.

I'm really looking forward to painting this lot up, so much so that I'm going to try to do them alongside the Raiden Ju88's, which will be cutting it a bit fine but worth it for the motivation factor. I have about twenty or so figures plus the Vickers so can match Jon's Anglican platoon plus a little extra firepower (check out Jon's blog for the opposition, including a particularly well converted vicar). The figures won't match so well with the Copplestone spares I have found in the leadpile as they're quite slender but I have enough to be going on with anyway.

I might change the habit of a lifetime and switch to basing on 1p rather than 2p coins as the figures themselves might look a little overwhelmed by the size of a two pence piece. They're very light as well so a clunking great piece of nickel bronze isn't necessary.

I'm also going to order a couple of the Force of Arms tankettes, which seem to offer the best value for money against quality.

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