Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Troops, Weapons and Tactics

I had forgotten about this set of WW2 tactical rules but bumped into them again on the Toofatlardies site when I was looking at material for Bag The Hun 2.

Im a bit of a fan of the TFL way of doing things. I especially like the use of turn cards and the fog of war, like the ubiquitous blinds that crop up in just about every TFL set of rules, so I decided to download the TW&T rules despite their ridiculous title. As yet another alternative to Rate of Fire or Disposable Heroes they were worth a £10, especially as they have the usual background notes and details that characterise TFL systems.

The rules are very well laid out, with simple but effective mechanics and some nice features that should be ideal for the sort of thing I'm thinking of doing with the 28mm Late War British figures that I got for my birthday. They're also a good read in their own right which is something you can't say for most sets of rules.

A good addition to the bulging rules library.

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