Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Ju88 Blitz

I managed to get a good four hours in this evening and shifted the Ju88's a long way forward.

I've virtually finished ten of them and only need to do a little black lining and highlighting before they get the decals applied. The remainder need to have the exhausts painted and the framing done on the canopies.

The framing has been done with the black green shade, the Revell acrylic version, rather than my usual black as this fits with the other planes that have been painted for the game. I'm not so keen on it myself, especially as I didn't do a great job on the lining and had to do some tidying up afterwards. The paintwork is also less than my best to be honest but en masse they should look fine. Still, with twenty four of the buggers to do by Tuesday, I can't afford to be picky.

The sooner I get them shifted, the sooner I can get on with something less tedious!

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