Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Painting Update

I didn't have much time tonight to work on the Axis planes for North Africa but did manage to mask off and paint the white identification bands on both the SM81 and Bf109F's using Tamiya tape. This is a fiddly job at the best of times but, as my hands are knackered due to the cold weather, it was particularly long winded (and painful) to complete this time.

Nonetheless, the masking and painting is done but I'll leave them until tomorrow morning before removing the tape to make sure that it peels off cleanly. I also managed to add another layer to the Bf109 canopies and aim to do the blacklining and highlighting tomorrow, once I get home from work around 8pm.

In the absence of a WIP photo, the picture of the Bf109F Trop above is from this excellent site:


  1. enjoying your blog & especially the aircraft articles inspiring stuff indeed the link to raiden Mini's is very/too tempting! I know Tumbling Dice ranges having bought ACW & Ship models from them before but what other manaufacturers do you rate in the 1/300 scale?

  2. Thanks,

    I like Museum Miniatures Leading Edge range although the castings aren't always perfect. They are well sculpted and very nice to paint.

    Scotia are OK too but a little crude compared to Raiden. If I could afford GHQ I'd get some of them too but they're way too pricey.