Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Wings At War

Somehow I missed this new set of rules in the Wings at War series but thanks to a post on TMP I've now ordered a starter set from Tumbling Dice to add to my collection.

I haven't actually played a game yet, despite having collected loads of 1.600 scale planes for Korea, the Falklands and Vietnam, not to mention the other non WaW stuff I've stockpiled for the Six Day War, Lebanon and the Alto Cenepa War.

My sticking point has always been the basing system and how to go about it. If I can ever solve the brass tube versus plastic rod versus brass wire versus mini dice issue, let alone the tiddly magnet ball bearing question, then I may actually get one of these projects off the ground.

The rules system is so elegant and the TD models are so cool, that it would be a shame not to get on with it in one way shape or form this year. It's on the to do list as well so wouldn't break the NYR rule either!

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