Monday, 1 March 2010

Raiden goes Tiddly

Yes, your read it here first...well, probably third or fourth but who cares!

Mark has decided to fill in the gaps in the Tumbling Dice and O8 ranges with his own 1/600th scale lines for both Luft 46 (huzzah!) and 'what if' cold war oddities like the cancelled TSR2.

I have to say that, in my febrile opinion, he has hit the nail very firmly on the head with these two lines, which will fill some gaping holes in the otherwise excellent Tumbling Dice range and which will be compulsively snapped up by airheads with a taste for the obscure. I have already got a load of his superb 1.285th scale stuff for 1946 but could easily be tempted into the arcane arts of 1/600th scale...

The only problem is that he will now me inundated with propellor heads demanding the production of obscure Soviet hybrid rocket fighters, alien uber nazi space planes and Heath Robinson style flying bedstead prototypes. They'll also demand to have them in the opposite scale to the one he's sculpting them in.

Good luck Mark!

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