Wednesday, 17 March 2010

VBCW Rules Ideas

I've been having another think about the rules to use with the Very British Civil War stuff.

On the one hand, I'd like to try out Triumph and Tragedy which I picked up originally as an alternative to Contemptible Little Armies for my Back of Beyond Bolsheviks. It seems like the ideal set for small scale skirmishes, especially as it has a neat card based system. It also includes the sort of things you'd expect to see in a 1930's era game including rules for leaders, aircraft, improvised vehicles etc. On the other hand, Jon is keen on Rate of Fire, which I think might be a bit too WW2 tactically orientated but could work out with a few tweaks.

Other options include Troops, Weapons and Tactics from the Toofatlardies, which I think would combine the best of both of the above. I really rate the TFL approach to gaming which is based on thorough research and accurate tactics but which also has the element of randomness or unpredictability that makes gaming enjoyable. The Tea Break is a good case in point.

Finally, for a starter, I've dug out an old set of freebie rules called Landser that would be perfect for a quick pick up and play game:

They were originally published on the old Icon Miniatures site which has now become the infamous Black Tree. You can still download them from the Mainly 28's site either in their original format or as a revised version. There's also a yahoo group which is a bit dormant but worth a look.

I think they are a neat little system and might be very useable for VBCW at least in the short term before switching over to something more comprehensive.

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