Friday, 7 May 2021

Thud Ridge Project Planning: The USAF (2)

It's been a long week but I am now, hopefully, going to have some time at the weekend to finish off the aircraft for the Football War project, leaving only the C-47's to paint up for the project to be complete. I've also been planning ahead for the Thud Ridge project and, despite my better judgement, have had a pay day splash out on three B-52 Stratofortress heavy bombers for the USAF, as just one didn't seem like enough. I've also ordered a pack of Sea King helicopters to use as SAR HH-3C Jolly Green Giants, alongside the Skyraiders and HH-53's that I already have in the bits box.


  1. Nice purchasing choices. The 3 B52s will look amazing flying across the table together.



  2. WOW that will be some serious firepower! I need to add the decals to my 4 x F-105's, 4 x F-100's that I have painted up as well. I will need to make a bunch of bases now that I have all the materials to do that, then I will have a force of 6 x Mig-17's as well as the F-105's and F-100's. I have other aircraft to paint up as well but I want to figure out how to make stats for the F-14A as there could have been an air battle between the F-14A's and the Mig-21's in 1975 during the evacuation after the fall of Saigon. I have some F-14 Miniatures and Mig-21's but I need to paint them up soon. Do you have any suggestions for the aircraft data? Have a great weekend.

    1. Sounds like you're well ahead of me with your project..great progress! I've used actual performance figures in the past to work out the stats for aircraft e.g. thrust to weight ratio for energy, service ceiling for altitude etc. That's a good place to start.

    2. Hi Jim, Thank you for the help with coming up with the stats. It would be a one off type scenario, I have the data for the Mig-21 so all I need to do is figure out the info for the F-14A's. I need to get something posted on my blog about the Thud Ridge project so you see what I have done so far.

  3. Hi Jim, I have done some number crunching and I would like your opinion on the stats I came up with for the F-14A.
    ENG Rating Not loaded Height 2-4: 6
    ENG Rating loaded and at height 1: 4
    Max height:4
    After burn: Yes
    Missiles: 2 x RG missiles and 1 x HS missiles.
    Let me know what you think. Thank you!

  4. That looks pretty good to me!

    1. Thank you Jim.
      I will let you know how things work out when I get the minis painted up and a game played. Hopefully soon!



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