Sunday, 7 February 2010

Axles and Alloys Upgunned

I've run out of the old Dark Future turret and heavy weapons that I'd stockpiled from ebay, although I still have a few of the silly ones left for conversions, so I've been looking for some suitable replacements. I thought about the Stan Johannsen packs of weapons and bits but, like Jon, I'm not keen on buying from the US having been stung by customs once when ordering some resin MTB's from PT Dockyard.

So, I was looking around the EM4 site ths morning for some plastic Space Marines for my son when I spotted some add on metal weapons for their 28mm Future Wars plastic figures. There are two sets, one for military troopers and one for gangers, both of which consist of five heavy weapons including what look like autoguns, chain guns, missile launchers, flamethrowers and the like.

They may be completely useless, in which case the boy will get them for his Space Marines, but they do look like they might fit nicely onto the Hotwheels as turret, roof or side mounted heavy weapons. I've ordered a pack of each and will see what they're like when they arrive. If they are useable they'd be pretty good value at £2 per pack or 40p per gun.

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