Saturday, 27 February 2010

Desert Air Force

I've had a think about the 1.285th scale options for Bag The Hun 2 and have decided (probably) to do a few Raiden Kittyhawks as opposition for my existing Italian forces. My usual opponent, Andy, has some of these in his collection and they look the business. The advantage is that I can then set up games at the club without having to rely on Andy, who isn't always available.

I'm also going to tackle the Bf109's and the SM81 as they're already prepared for painting and would be a good addition to my Axis stuff. In addition, I may do a couple of one off RAF planes to go alongside the P40's, giving me a bit more flexibility for scenarios. I have some lovely Leading Edge Martin Baltimores that would be excellent for escorted bombing missions, for example.

I also picked up a book in the Oxfam bookshop today titled Desert Eagles. It's based on the diaries of two American pilots in 250 Squadron RAF, who joined up as Eagle Squadron pilots before being shipped out to the Western Desert. Although it's not very long it does have a number of action reports in the form of logbook entries and diary notes, which make it a very good source of potential scenarios.
Good stuff.


  1. i'd be interested in following your progress log it all here!