Saturday, 13 February 2010

Rate of Fire Rulebook

I got the Rate of Fire rulebook from North Star in the post this morning. I'm off on holiday this afternoon so will take it with me for a thorough read through. It looks pretty good after a quick skim read but I want to get my head round the turn sequence and mechanisms in a bit more depth. I'm not sure about all the counters that seem to be used on table and think I'll try to find some alternative, less intrusive way to indicate what needs to be shown rather than the little coloured cardboard squares that seem to populate the RoF battlefield.

I'm also taking the Axles and Alloys II rules with me to flick through as I've got a game lined up on the 23rd and need to have some idea how they work. There's a new cheatsheet on the downloads site which should help with this and make the game go a little faster as we won't have to flick back and fro through the rules to work out the mechanisms. I still have to re-base one of my cars to match the desert bases of the others and make some smoke and flame markers but, apart from that, I think I'm ready to go.

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