Friday, 5 February 2010

Crusader Late War British

I've blown the birthday dosh on a full platoon worth of Late War British infantry for Rate of Fire from Crusader, plus a hard copy of the rules.

With a box set plus an extra pack of a command team, a kneeling command and bren team, 2'' mortar team, PIAT team and a couple of packs of kneeling riflemen, I've got all I need to build three sections and a platoon HQ with mortar section attached. I also splashed out on a Vickers as it looked good and could easily have been attached to a platoon from the support company.

This is what I'm going to replicate, a platoon of the 5th Battalion Duke of Cornwall's Light Infantry, assuming it fits with the rules:

Platoon HQ
1 x Officer (Sten)
1 Sergeant (Rifle)
1 x Signaller (Rifle)
1 x Runner (Rifle)

Light Mortar Section
1 x 2'' mortar (sten)
2 x loaders / ammo carrier (rifle)

2 x Rifle Platoons each:
1 x Corporal (sten)
1 x Lance Corporal (bren)
2 x loaders / ammo carriers (rifle)
6 x riflemen (rifles)

1 x Rifle Platoon (the PIAT could be assigned to the HQ section instead)
1 x Corporal (sten)
1 x Lance Corporal (bren)
2 x loaders / ammo carriers (rifle)
1 x PIAT (sten)
1 x PIAT loader / ammo carrier (rifle)
4 x riflemen (rifle)

This should be more than enough for a decent size game, with a total of 47 figures plus the HMG I'll have plenty to deal with any situation that Jon can throw at me. Northstar are usually pretty quick on delivery so I should have the figures and rules next week. I can then start cleaning, basing and undercoating them after half term (The 10mm option for this is therefore off the radar but may resurface next year, as it's still something I'd like to do using the Pithead range of figures).

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