Tuesday, 27 April 2010

BUF Drybrush

I didn't get started 'til late on the BUF yesterday but did manage to give them a drybrush of Foundry Charcoal Black to tone down the black undercoat and highlight the details. I'm going to keep things simple so I'll probably leave the uniforms as they now are, rather than do any fancy three layer shading.

Next up will be the flesh tones. Then I'll tackle the puttees and the webbing, which will probably be in khaki drab. After that I'll do the rifles and automatics and to finish off, I'll add some details like the piping, badges, armbands etc. Nice and straightforward.

I'm thinking of getting some militia figures to act as local back up for the legion but it'll have to wait until next month when the bank manager is in a positive frame of mind.

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