Saturday, 10 April 2010

MiG Alley USAF basing completed

I finished off the USAF this evening with the exception of the B29's and the last four F86 Sabres, which I decided to skip so that I can save the magnets for the Fleet Air Arm or extra North Korean / Chinese aircraft. The lot I cleaned up and based today included the following:

4 x F86 Sabres (fighters)

8 x F80 Shooting Stars (ground attack)

6 x B26 Invaders (light bombers)

2 x F81 Twin Mustangs (nightfighters)

The Twin Mustangs were a pain in the a%$* as I had file away a section of the centreline radar pod to get the magnets to fit but otherwise this lot went quite smoothly.

The nightfighters also got me thinking about what I can use for the 'bedcheck charlie' night nuisance attacks, which were made by Po2's and Yak 18's, neither of which are found in the Tumbling Dice range.

The Po2 is a non starter but I could find something to use for the Yak 18's. They look a little bit like a T6 Texan, only with a different wing profile and engine cowling but it might be possible to get something reasonably close with some judicicious sanding and filing, especially asI have four of them spare.

It's worth a try anyway.

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