Friday, 9 April 2010

US Navy / Marines for Mig Alley

I've got just over 30 magnets left after the USAF and North Koreans are based so I'm going to use them up on the USN and USMC, leaving any left over for the South Koreans.

Here's what I'm planning to do:

4 x F4U Corsair (Marines)

4 x AD Skyraider (Marines)

2 x F7F Tigercat (Marines)

2 x F3D Skynight (Marines)

4 x F2H Banshee (Navy)

8 x F9F Panther (Navy)

2 x S51 SAR Helicopters (Navy)

This leaves only four spare magnets which I'm probably going to use for four ROK F51 Mustangs or use on four Il10m Sturmoviks or Yak 9's for the North Koreans.


  1. Hey, don't forget the Fleet Air Arm, the Australian Airforce or even the South Africans!
    How about a couple of Hawker Sea Furies, or even RAAF Gloster Meteors? - wasn't just Robert Wagner or William Holden in the air over the Imjin you know...
    Seriously though, looking forward to seeing some pics of what you'll be producing!

  2. The FAA and the Aussie Meteors will definately be making an appearance as I already have some Fireflies, Sea Furys and Meteors waiting for some extra magnets.

    I couldn't leave out the Sea Furys (!) and if they're in the rest has to follow...