Sunday, 4 April 2010

France (again)

Off to the in laws tomorrow (bugger!)

I've decided to leave the paints at home but have packed a box of 1/600th planes for Mig Alley and the 28mm BUF platoon to see if I can get them cleaned up and based over the Easter break.

I've also taken some reference material so I can decide how I'm going to paint up the Korean War stuff when I get back in a couple of weeks time. If I find the time to get all this done I'll be surprised but it's worth a try.

At any rate, I should be able to pick up some decent wargame and military history magazines and, hopefully, some of the BD titles in Le Grand Duc series.

On a more positive note, I picked up some aluminium wire mesh from Halfords today when I was supposed to be buying a car seat for the youngest of the sprogs, so I'll be able to do some more Mad Max style Hotwheels conversions at some point in the not too distant future.

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