Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Charlie Don't Surf

I'm looking forward to the release of this new set of rules by the Toofatlardies as it's a period I've always wanted to game but, as yet, haven't been able to tie down to a set of rules that I really like.

I've got copies of The Men of Company B and From the Delta to the DMZ, both of which look like excellent platoon level rules with lots of period specific elements. MOCB is a bit abstract, however, being similar to Patrols in the Sudan which I have played using my 15mm Mahdist army. So not quite as open format and less adaptable to scenarios than a generic ruleset perhaps?

On the other hand, Delta to DMZ has some nice touches, like the card based turn sequence for example, but is perhaps a little too generic. It has a definite Vietnam flavour but somehow doesn't have the right 'feel', with some things like helicopters overly simplified and others given too much emphasis.

One advantage of both rules is that they use the same basing conventions give or take some individual basing for command figures.

Anyway, I'm hoping that Charlie Don't Surf will fill the gap and give me a set of rules with both an interesting card based turn sequence and the flexibility to set up some good scenarios. The after action game reports on the Vislardica site suggest it might just fit the bill:


I'll need to set up some 15mm forces for both the NVA/VC and the US/ARVN but this shouldn't be a problem as they're already in the leadpile waiting for a good excuse to be dusted off and painted up.

On the other hand, I really should finish off the 12mm ARVN?

Ho hum.

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