Saturday, 24 April 2010


I've cleaned up and based all of the BUF figures this evening except for the Vickers HMG and the CV35 tankette. It took about an hour to get them done and I had to start on them quite late, so I'm quite pleased to have made some decent progress. I'm hoping to get them undercoated tomorrow morning and to make a start on the flesh tones by the end of the day. If I can finish them by the end of the week I'll be very happy.

The Copplestone Garford Putilov arrived in the post this morning, which was a nice surprise as I only ordered it yesterday (cheers Mr C.). It's a real armoured battlewagon in every sense of the word and will look very impressive when I eventually get round to sticking it together and painting it up.

I also ordered a couple of the Future Wars power armoured figures to add to the Em4 ones that I've already got. They're destined for my near future French Foreign Legion unit that will one day be completed but, for the moment, have been assigned to the leadpile.

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