Monday, 12 April 2010

MiG Alley RAAF and FAA

As I've been urged to do some non-US forces for MiG Alley I thought I'd start by doing a bit of gratuitous book buying, which is always a good idea at the start of a new project as it tends to give you ideas for scenarios.

Although I already have a number of reference books and magazine articles for Korea, I thought I could justify getting one or two more, so ordered a copy of this book from an Ebay bookshop. It looks like a really interesting and comprehensive book on the role played by the RAAF, FAA and SAAF in the air war.

I may even divert some of the remaining magnets from the USN / USMC to use on the Meteors, Fireflies and Sea Furies that I have in the box of bits.


  1. I believe the Hawker Sea Fury was the last prop fighter to shoot down a jet (Mig 15). It's predecessor, the Hawker Tempest, was apparently the plane most feared by ME262 pilots.

  2. I didn't know that about the Tempest but I'm not suprised. It was such a powerful aircraft, both in terms of performance and looks that I'm sure it would have put the wind up the Luftwaffe.

    The Sea Fury was a classic and was the highpoint of prop fighter design, with the possible exception of the Bearcat and Tigercat.

    What a great period to game!