Thursday, 1 April 2010

Tumbling Dice Sample Packs

I've ordered a selection of packs from the Tumbling Dice Soviet and Japanese ranges for the Khalkin Gol / Nonomham project this evening.

The order includes most of the types that I need to start building the forces for both sides, although with an emphasis on the fighters rather than the bombers. I've ordered a few multiple packs of the Nates, I-16's and I-15's together with individual packs of the SB2's, BR20's, Ki15's and a lone TB3.

These should give me a good idea of the size of the various models and some idea of how to base them for Wings At War. I've abandoned the brass tube and rod approach as impractical so need to find an alternative solution.

I quite like the idea of Litko bases but these have to be ordered from the USA and I don't fancy getting stung by customs. I have recently been looking into the possibilty of using wire nails, mdf squares and tiddly magnets for flight stands, as they would be cheap and easy to produce, if a little crude.

If I can crack the basing issue then the whole Wings At War system would be easy to get off the ground.

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