Friday, 2 April 2010

Wings At War Mongolia Modifications

I've had a read through of both the Scramble for Britain rulebook and the free Desert Spitfires download with the aim of adapting them for the Nonomhan conflict.

The Desert Spitfires rules are a very good basis for a Khalkin Gol scenario as they could be used as they are with the omission of the British player and the addition of statistics for the Soviet and Japanese aircraft. I'd also add the formation flying and nightbombing rules from the Battle of Britain set, perhaps also using a more specific range of targets as well including airstrips and troop concentrations.

The real job would be to work out the statistics for the planes and the ratings for the pilots. I can use some of the aircraft in the Desert Spitfires and Scramble for Britain rules as a benchmark. The Fiat BR20 is included anyway but the Gladiator, CR42, Hurricane and Stuka might also give me some comparative information to work out the performance of the I-15, I-16, Nate etc

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