Thursday, 9 July 2015

Blue Swastika Rampant Planning

I've now organised the Finnish and Russian planes for the Continuation War project, mostly using models that I already had together with some extras that I ordered from Dom of Doms Decals. He is selling off his Raiden stock so it's well worth having a look at what he has left. I've also ordered a handful of models from Magister Militum to fill the gaps.

The Finnish half of the project includes:

8 x Fokker DXXI
8 x Brewster Buffalo
4 x MS 406
4 x Fiat G50
4 x Gloster Gladiator (if I can face doing the struts?)
1 x Bristol Blenheim I (I will get a few more of these)

The Russian half of the project includes:

12 x Polikarpov I 16
3 x Polikarpov I 15 bis (some more of these later)
9 x Tupolev SB 2
6 x Ilyushin DB 3
6 x Hawker Hurricane I

This adds up to quite a lot of painting but with a production line approach it shouldn't be too much to manage, especially as the Russians are very straightforward to do.

A bigger issue is the number of flight stands required which, at a quick count, adds up to over sixty! With the resin Raiden bases now costing nearly four quid for six, it's no longer an affordable option to use them, so a homemade alternative is needed. I've already been experimenting with a sandwich of 30mm mdf hexes and brass rod stands, but this is very much a work in the R and D stage at the moment!

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