Sunday, 26 July 2015

Summer Holiday Projects

The holidays have finally arrived and I've packed a box of projects to tackle over the summer. I probably won't get round to all of them but at least one painting and one basing project will get finished. The four projects are all things I've planned to do and have made a start on already, so they have been on the 'to do' list for a while:

1. Painting a 28mm Japanese platoon for Chain of Command.
2. Basing up a 28mm commando raiding force for Bolt Action.
3. Basing up a 28mm Turkish army for the Back of Beyond.
4. Painting a fleet of 1/450 pirate ships for Galleys and Galleons.

I'll get started in a couple of days....bad weather permitting!


  1. Jim,

    Enough pontificating, now get to work! ;)

    I didn't get any games in this weekend, summer is in full swing and the outdoors is beckoning. As you said, we need some bad weather.

    On a side note, I took a look at your Back of Beyond AAR; have you ever seen the old Tom Selleck movie, "The High Road to China"? I haven't seen it for years, but was always a favorite of mine, and supremely applicable to this theme. I highly recommend you taking a look; I need to find a copy myself.

    Take care.


  2. Hi Jack,

    Yes I better get on with it...I'm thinking of starting off with the commandos or the Japanese.

    I remember watching the film years ago...just the sort of thing for a rainy day.