Sunday, 12 July 2015


I must say that I hadn't really been particularly interested in this new skirmish dungeon crawl game from Osprey but, having read the relevant article in Wargames Illustrated, I'm giving it some thought. I have a bit of a dodgy track record with this sort of thing, having failed miserably to get Ronin past the initial stages, but Frostgrave does look like a feasible project. 

First up, it only requires a handful of 'medieval' and fantasy figures so there's some potential in raiding the leadpile and ebay for suitable models. Secondly, you can have some nice character figures for your wizard and apprentice, with EM4 looking like a good source of Copplestone sculpted cheaper alternatives to the official Northstar range. 

Thirdly, the monsters and undead can be scrounged from wherever, keeping the cost factor down to a minimum, while the plastic box set of soldiers will be more than sufficient to equip two parties. Finally, the terrain set up is really simple and fits on a 3' x 3' board, so would be easy to scratch build and would look very cool.



  1. I've gone for it.
    I think all the things you've identified are true.
    The campaign system looks to be fun and simple with just the right amount of bookkeeping.
    And it plays pretty simply and well (if you can get the rules right - which I didn't)

  2. I've used all my very limited powers of resistance not to buy this yet... it will be good to see some more games/reviews first :)

  3. I've now given in. There's enthusiasm for it at the club, and as one member mentioned to me, you need 10 figures max. I can get away with significantly less. Going to use some Brigade Celtos minis for the club and existing collection of 15mm (Copplestone, Khurasan & Splintered Light) at home with the kids. Just got to paint them now!