Thursday, 2 July 2015

Jungle Palm Trees

The plastic palm trees that I ordered via Ebay a couple of weeks ago arrived today from China. As you can see they come in mixed packs of 14 trees with two of each size, scaling out from 28mm down to 6mm or so in wargaming terms. I have half a dozen bags of trees, so have plenty to put together as jungle or plantation terrain for the 28mm Malaya project and for other things like AK47 or Indochina as well.


  1. Nice! I want to get some palm trees for my Darkest African gaming. Are those ones fairly inexpensive?

  2. How much were the smaller ones? They'd be great for 6MM gaming

  3. They come as a pack of 14 for £3.72 with a discount if you spend more than £20 but I think you can probably order the small ones seperately too.