Saturday, 17 April 2021

Thud Ridge

I've decided that the best way to be able to develop a Wings at War rule set for the Alto Cenepa War, is to have a go at either Thud Ridge or Flames Above the Falklands, both of which feature the mechanics for fast jet combat and missiles. I'd originally thought of doing a Falklands War project but that requires a lot more effort in terms of terrain and ground targets than Vietnam, so Thud Ridge is the obvious choice, especially as I already have a set of jungle flight stands and most of the aircraft models for both sides. I'm going to stick with USAF operations, as I don't fancy trying to replicate the USN paint schemes and I can also just use a basic grass terrain cloth, together with my existing ground targets. This project won't happen for a while yet, as I have lots of other things to do first, but I think it's a good idea and will enable me to learn the rules required for the Alto Cenepa game.


  1. Hello Jim, could you please tell if the Wings at War rules include data for more planes than the ones included as miniatures? Their home page is more barren then Antarctica...

    PS, you are not good for my budget - I always get too inspired by your projects :). I just wished I was a fraction as efficient as you. Keep up the posts, they are nice to read!


  2. Hi Jens,

    Yes, all of the various aircraft are included and they are listed as well on the last page of the rules booklets, including the code numbers from the TD catalogue, so that you can order the right models.

    Sorry about the budget :O)

    Best Wishes


    1. Cheers! Then that will be another few orders coming up. You should get a small percentage from all companies I bought from after reading about their products here :)

  3. There are usually more listed than in the pack, but possibly not every aircraft you might think of using. Most though.

    1. There are a few that TD don't make as well e.g. the F101 Voodoo for Vietnam.

  4. Hi Jim,
    I am working on a simular project right now. I was going to use C-21 for the Vietnam air rules but now I might look at Thud Ridge. I have painted up 6 Mi-17's, 4 F-100's and I jsut started on the 12 F-105's I have from TD. I want to srart off with the Early War when F-100's were flying top cover over the F-105's. For me the issue I will have is the long delay in getting minis post Brexit as it is taking up to a Month or more to get thigs delivered to me here in Sweden. Keep uo the great work!

  5. That sounds like a great the F-105!

  6. Well worth doing- Thud Ridge is a great game.





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