Thursday, 28 January 2010

AK47 Helicopters

I really like helicopters in AK47. They add a bit of unpredictability to the game, either failing to turn up at all or, when they do, flying off at inopportune moments. However, they can also be devastating if you get decent dice rolls!

The models also look very cool!

I haven't used helicopters for transporting yet so I thought I'd include an air landing assault force in my next army, which has the option of a chopper airlift for the Professional unit. As a result, I've stockpiled four old 1/100 Nubee Mil Mi4 kits that I picked up over a period of time on ebay.

The Mil Mi4 is a bit of a classic with a real 1950's look, making it perfect for an AK47 army. It also features in Cold War era clips from Soviet propaganda films, which are very serious in a socialist-realist way, but also quite funny:

I'm going to use three of them as transports, giving me an effective lift capacity of 12 bases. The last one I'm going to convert into a gunship with rocket pods and a heavy machine gun in the underslung cupola. The Hound had a bathtub style macine gun position under the fuselage which I might leave off the transports but keep on the gunship.

I've also got a 1/100 Nubee kit of a Mil Mi1 Hare liason / training helicopter which I might build up as a flying staff car for my Commander in Chief. I'm not sure how it would work but it would be a pretty neat alternative to a GAZ jeep.

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