Sunday, 17 January 2010

ARVN Battlegroup Upgraded

Here's the ARVN battlegroup with the added special forces company:

South Vietnamese Army, Vietnam War (1970)
1 CO (CV9) 90 [90]
5 HQ (CV8) 45 [225]
1 FAO (CV7)30 [30]
1 FAC (CV7)30 [30]
1 Recce Unit (M113) Recce 60 [60]
6 Infantry Unit (ARVN Regulars) 30 [180]
3 Infantry Unit (Special Forces) 40 [120] #1
1 Support Unit (Flamethrower, M132) 45 [45]
2 Support Unit (Mortar, 81mm, M125) 70 [140]
1 Support Unit (Mortar, 107mm, M106) 100 [100]
9 IFV Unit (M113 ACAV) 65 [585]
3 Tank Unit (M41 Walker Bulldog) 40 [120]
3 Artillery Unit (105mm) 45 [135]
1 Aircraft Unit (F-5 Tiger II) 90 [90]

Tactical Doctrine
Normal tactical doctrine (20cm initiative distance)

Special Rules
No counter-battery capability
Partial air superiority
Fire Support: Any command unit can request artillery or air support using the command value of the FAO/FAC, but with a -1 penalty
Combined-Arms: -1 command penalty when issuing orders to mixed infantry-armour formations and +1 die for artillery/aircraft deviation prior to 1968
Reluctant: Infantry may only assault units that are suppressed
May use booby traps when in defence

Note 1. Infantry Unit (Special Forces)
Elite: No command penalty for assaulting the enemy and +1 attack in close assault

Breakpoint 12
1950 points spent of 2000 points available (2000 points selected)
Deduct 95 from your casualty points at the end of the game

I've kept the M113's as ACAV's, added the M132 from the US list and left off any assets for the moment. I was also thinking of getting some M48A3's to substitute for the M41's but will hold off for the moment until I've had a chance to try them out.

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