Saturday, 9 January 2010

Noggy Invasion

I've realised that I've over-ordered on the the Austro-Hungarian infantry, having assumed they were in packs of ten not thirty! As a result I have 150 figures when I actually need about 60 at most!


I can always build a second (or third?) battalion with the extra figures if I order another pack or two or HMG's. This would expand my modest force to brigade size, although I'd need to add quite a lot of other bits and bobs to make it fit the actual ToE. It would certainly mean I'd have to ditch the company HQ's and just have battalion HQ's instead.

I'll have a think about whether I want to go down this route as it would dramatically increase the painting load and threaten to turn this mini-project into something a bit more time consuming.

1 comment:

  1. Could paint up a duplicate force and flog it on eBay and make all your money back? BWC2 being flavour of the month should mean a quick sale...