Thursday, 21 January 2010

ARVN Battlegroup in Black

Here's the ARVN battlegroup in all its monochrome glory, ready for the first stage of painting which I hope to start on Saturday (children permitting).

The picture above shows the two Infantry Squadrons and the Recon Squadron, together with the attached Special Forces company. The picture below shows the CO stand and attached recon, flame and mortar platoons, together with the M41 tank squadron, the artillery battery and the FOO and FAC bases.

I'm particularly pleased with the M132 which, as I mentioned before, was converted from a standard M113 using an old 1.300th scale Sherman turret and some brass rod.

Finally, here's a group shot of the HQ's and CO stand for the battlegroup which I've tried to make as distinctive as possible using spare figures to fill up the spaces.
The photos aren't great but at least they show that I haven't been hanging around over the last couple of weeks!

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