Sunday, 10 January 2010

War in Watumbi

I managed to find the propaga...sorry, press briefings, issued by Radio Free Nbuto and the Zumatan Broadcasting Corporation, after the first battle of the AK47 narrative mini-campaign that Jon and I played in late September last year.

First up, the Radio Free Nbuto version of events...

Loyal Citizens of Nbuto,

In a cross border clash on the outskirts of Watumbi, the brave troops of the Force Action Rapide Territoriale, inflicted heavy casualties on enemy invaders who have retreated in disarray back across the frontier.

To the north of Watumbi a heavy force of enemy tanks was virtually wiped out by concentrated fire from our resolute armoured car unit, despite the relative inexperience of their conscript crews, whose vehicles were destroyed in the fierce engagement. The close support of the elite paratrooper units, occupying Watumbi was crucial in deterring any further enemy advance on the town, although the heavy fire directed on the defenders caused some casualties.

In a flanking movement to the west of the town, a striking column of jeep mounted raiders managed to destroy an enemy artillery unit and supporting armoured cars after a fierce fire fight. The jeep crews were wiped out but their professionalism and bravery blunted the enemys spearhead and threw his force onto the defensive.

In a decisive final action, the skilful use of cover afforded by the bush, enabled our regular troops to smash the enemy reinforcements that were thrown into battle. In close co-ordination with tactical support by a low flying helicopter gunship a late advance by ill-equipped and poorly trained enemy regular troops was effectively smashed. A small paramilitary force that attempted to cut the Watumbi-Kabunga highway was also mown down by concentrated heavy machine gun and small arms fire.

It is probable that a renewed enemy offensive could strike our border in the near future. As a consequence, a general mobilisation and reinforcement of our armed forces is underway. The recent acquisition of re-conditioned armoured vehicles from the United States and France will aid our troops in the defence of the crucial Watumbi-Babongo railway, whilst deterring any aggressive moves by the forces of dictatorship poised on our borders.

Vive Nbuto!

Commandant Jean Philippe Croissant,
Force Action Rapide Territoriale HQ

And from the Zumatans....

Zumatan Government Press Release.

The Zumatan government confirms that a clash occurred two days ago between forces of the Zumatan Royal Guard and forces of the rouge imperialist state of Nbuto. During a routine patrol Zumatan forces under the command of Colonel Iham Losta inadvertently crossed the border in to Nbuto. Despite protestations of peace they where fired on by Nbuto military forces. Forced to defend themselves our forces destroyed several enemy armoured cars and heavily armed jeeps.

Considering the sheer volume of fire our forces received military intelligence has suggested that the Nbuto army are now using large numbers of heavy machine guns in their forces. Despite this our forces bravely attempted to defend themselves however the arrival of Nbuto helicopters gunships forced our forces to fall back rapidly. The Zumatan government takes this opportunity to condemn the Nbuto action and report to the world that an a large shipment of AA weapons are on route to Zumatan forces.

So, a bit of a major victory for Nbuto in the first engagement, although things were going to hot up for the F.A.R.T. in the next battle that we fought....

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