Saturday, 2 January 2010

Bulldogs and Bearcats

I started the ARVN today by cleaning up, assembling and basing the M41's together with the CO stand, recon M113 troop stand, support M125 stand and the M132 Engineer stand, although I still need to scratchbuild a flamethrower cupola for the M132.

The M41's were a bit of a pain to put together as the track units had big mould lines down the middle which I couldn't do much about without removing all the nice detailing. Nonetheless they went together OK in the end.

The CO stand, which has an M577, a jeep and some command figures was less of a hassle although the back end of the M577 was very badly cast and needs some extra attention. I may scratchbuild a tilt of some sort to hide it, if I have the time.

On a seperate, if related tangent, I also got hold of a Bearcat in 1/144th scale from F Toys via the ebay seller 1/144th scale direct. I've been looking for one for ages for my CEFEO air support for French Indochina, not being able to afford the expensive FE Resin version. I had no idea that F Toys had produced one until I found it today, so it was a nice surprise. It'll need to be assembled and repainted but otherwise is perfect.

A good start to 2010!

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