Saturday, 9 January 2010

AK47 Mini Campaign

Jon's new blog has reminded me that I really should profile the series of AK47 games that we've been playing over the last six months or so, using the old second edition rules.

Jon's forces represent the corrupt dictatorship of Dr Kenko Gold who, as President for Life and co-founder of the Zumatan-Lumatan Alliance, has been engaged in an aggressive sabre rattling border dispute with the neighbouring ex-French Independant Republic of Nbuto.

Commandant Jean Phillipe Croissant, the President of Nbuto, has rallied his colonial settler population in an effective resistance to foreign aggression, co-ordinating the defence of the Nbuto-Zumata border with the deployment of the F.A.R.T or Force Action Rapide Territoriale.

We've had a great time playing out the various border incursions, pre-emptive strikes and counter-insurgency operations that have characterised the conflict and, I am pleased to say, the F.A.R.T. have consistently emerged as the victors in every single engagement to date.

I'll try to summarise the recent history of the conflict as soon as I have time to trawl through the various posts on the club yahoo group. We've kept up a colourful propaganda war throughout the mini-campaign that has featured some topical, if not entirely truthful, post action battle reports.

This year, I'm hoping that we'll find the time for some further games, once the rainy season has stopped and the Chokwe River has subsided. In fact, I think a major F.A.R.T. offensive in the Mtwange-Batufu corridor is definately in the pipeline!

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  1. Jim,
    you know the Zumatan's will be ready for FARTs next offensive. We're currently building a line of defensive works along the border known as the Cheep'n'nastie Line after minster of public works Mr Real Cheep'n'nastie. Reports that some cuts where made in the construction of the forts and bunkers are of course lies.........