Monday, 4 January 2010


I finished both the FAO stand and FAC stand last night using the basing suggestions from the back of the CWC rulebook. The FAO stand uses a couple of figures on a one penny coin whilst the FAC stand has a jeep with a radio operator, driver and observer on a two pence coin. I added a box to the back of the jeep to represent a radio set and have drilled a hole in it for an aerial as well. Nothing too exciting but at least it'll stand in until I can find a suitable model aircraft for the FAC.

I was thinking about the resin option for a 1/144th scale Birddog or Skymaster yesterday so did some surfing through the Hannants site for possible models. A new company, Miniwing, has produced some nice kits alongside the existing FE Resin line of 1/144th scale aircraft. At the moment there's a nice OV10 Bronco which would look great but it costs over £16, which is a bit on the pricey side!

As an alternative, I may have a go at a scratchbuilding something instead using plastic card and spare bits from the various plastic kits I have lying around, if I can find some suitable plans to scale down as a guide.

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