Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Blitzkrieg Commander II

I had a few moments to leaf through the BKCII rulebook this afternoon, in between keeping the kids occupied, cooking the dinner, doing the ironing blah blah blah (I'd be better off at work!)

As I had the first edition already I thought I wouldn't be infringing the New Years Resolutions if I updated to the new version of the rules. From the recent posts on the club yahoo group, it looks like everyone else will be switching over to BKCII as well, so that means I can justify the expense in the interests of getting a game (that's my excuse anyway).

So...I've been thinking of a little battlegroup project to squeeze into the second half of this half term, assuming I finish the ARVN in time. I've got a late war Fallschirmjager Kampfgruppe, made up of Minifigs and Pithead figures and vehicles, but I don't fancy doing them at the moment. I'd really prefer something a little less teutonic.

I had a look at the Winter War Finnish army list, with an eye on the Pendraken and Wargames South range of figures, but without ski troops, reindeers or sleighs, I'd rather wait. The other army that grabbed my attention was the Norwegian 1940 list, perhaps using Pendraken WW1 Austro-Hungarians?

Both are a bit on the limited side in gaming terms but, as quick 1000 point battlegroup projects, they might be fun to do, especially as I can do some snow bases. Cool!

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  1. Jim, have you considered the new Belgian range from Pithead? Should be excellent for a little 1000 point battlegroup.