Monday, 25 January 2010


Here's a photo of the ARVN CO stand that I've done and dusted. It looks a bit more interesting if you zoom it up to full screen size (honest). I think I nailed the color match too, compared to the picture of the Walker Bulldog at the top of the page.

I very nearly had a spray varnish disaster with the units I've painted up as you can see in the photo. It looks like it's snowing in South Vietnam but it's actually the fall out from an old can of Railmatch matt varnish that I was forced to use when the satin stuff didn't look right.

I've now finished the first batch of units, although the bases need to be textured, painted and flocked, so I can now move on to the next ones in the production line.

One down, four to go!


  1. They look really nice. I've never really considered 10mm for WW2/Moderns but its seems to have the benefits of 6mm with the detail of 15. Might have to think about Korea...

  2. Jim,
    up to your usual high standard look very nice.

  3. Thanks chaps,

    Korea would be great in 10mm but no one produces NK/Chinese figures (yet).

    The Pendraken Ardennes US infantry are very good for US/UN winter units though (I've got some for Korea already) and Magister Militum do M4A3E8's and M24 Chaffee's.

    No Pershings though :O(