Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Noggies Arrive

I got home from work today to find a small packet from Pendraken containing the Austro Hungarians that I'm going to use for my Norwegian infantry battalion.

I thought I'd over-ordered on the infantry figures but, as it turns out, they do come in packs of ten, not thirty as it says on the Pendraken and One Stop Shop listings. I only paid for fifty and that's what I've got, so I'm not complaining. Kinda wierd though?

Anyway, the infantry consist of two poses, one advancing and one kneeling plus four individual officers advancing with pistols. They're very good figures and will look excellent if I base them carefully. It's a shame there isn't greater variation in the poses but I'm hoping to mix in some Finnish or German Mountain troop figures to create some differences between the platoons.

The HMG's are also perfect for Colt MG's if I leave off the gun shields that they are supplied with. The field guns are a bit more problematic as the gunshields are cast on, unlike most of the Pendraken artillery pieces, and aren't quite right for a Norwegian 7.5 cm field gun m/01. I may have to raid the WW1 10mm project box for some alternatives or just cut down the gunshields to the correct shape?

I also ordered some high command figures which will help to fill out my CO base, together with some WW1 field telephone operators, command tents, stoves and assorted boxes, sacks etc. These will provide some additional bits to decorate the command bases and will give me lots of spares for other 10mm projects. The stoves are really neat and will be good for my Korean War 10mm UN battlegroup in particular.


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