Friday, 22 January 2010

Birthday Presents

I've still not decided what to get myself, on behalf of the lovely wife, for my birthday. I've been thinking about the 10mm late war British for the DCLI, especially now that my books have arrived. However, the prospect of painting up more 10mm figures and vehicles may not be so apealling once I've worked through the ARVN and, possibly, the Norwegians.

As a result, I may well concentrate on the latter as my BKCII focus for the moment. I may have roped in Jon to do some early war Germans for Norway (the fool!) but, if he doesn't take the bait, I might get a few myself at some point to use as opposition. I quite like the idea of crap tanks against crap anti-tank units, all with a light dusting of snow!

So, it's time to bite the bullet and spend the birthday dosh before she changes her mind (which is quite likely based on previous experience). I'm thinking of some extras for AK47 either from Peter Pig or QRF at the moment but still have to make up my mind as to what. Lots of militia would be fun as I don't have any in my colonial settlers army so haven't played any games with militia units. After suffering at the sharp end from Jon's People's Popular Front I quite like the thought of a similar force, even if they don't have any helicopters.

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