Tuesday, 19 January 2010

AK47 Colonial Settlers v Popular Front

I've got a game of AK47 this evening and, without giving too much away to my opponent Jon (aka Doctor Kenko Gold), here's the army I have worked out for the F.A.R.T. contingent that will be defending the heartlands of Nbuto against the A.L.N. popular front:

Unit 1:
2 x Regular AML90 Armoured Cars with Guns

Unit 2:
4 x Professional Small Arms
2 x Professional Recoilless Rifles
2 x Trucks
1 x Professional AML60 Armoured Car with Machine Gun

Unit 3:
3 x Regular Mortars

Unit 4:
10 x Regular Small Arms
2 x Regular Heavy Machine Guns

Unit 5:
1 x Professional Aerospatiale Llama Attack Helicopter

For a bit of a change I've left my Professional Jeeps with HMG's at the Presidential Palace to defend it against A.L.N. commando attack. I've also included an all mortar unit as I haven't tried one before.

I'll have 37 points to spend on the political flowchart, so might get some upgrades if I'm lucky!

I'll take some pictures of the game and write up an after action report, although the photos might not appear for a while as my laptop is still in for repair.

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