Saturday, 2 January 2010

ARVN Orbat

I've worked up my ARVN Armoured Cavalry Regiment with a post 1965 orbat using M113ACAV's and M41's plus the F5 Tiger II as air support.

However, I may leave the side M60's off the M113 ACAV models as this makes them useable as ARVN M113's with improvised gunshields in a pre-1965 orbat. I've got some M24 Chaffee's spare from my French Indochina project so can have a pre-1965 tank squadron as well. I've also got a J Wings Skyraider for the pre-1968 air support.

Otherwise the before and after 1965 orbats are similar:

ARVN Armored Cavalry Regiment, 1962

Regimental Headquarters

Tank Squadron
M24 Chaffee Light Tanks

Reconnaissance Squadron (disbanded in 1965)
M8 Armoured Cars

Reconnaissance Squadron
M114 Reconnaissance Vehicles

Mechanized Rifle Squadron
M113 APC's

Mechanized Rifle Squadron (same as above)

I'll have to fudge the recon squadrons as I'm only allowed one recon unit per 1000 points but, if I can find a way round it, this will allow me to field both early and late war ARVN!

The only problem is how to distinguish the post 1965 recon squadron ACAV's from the Mechanised Rifle Squadron ACAV's? Perhaps a few aerials and bits of stowage will do?


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