Friday, 29 January 2010

J Wings F5A Freedom Fighter

I've already got one 1/144th scale J Wings Northrop F5A for the ARVN battlegroup but, when another one popped up on ebay a few days ago I thought I'd add to my ground attack capability. I'm allowed a flight of two VNAF F5A's in the battlegroup list so why not?

The model arrived from Hong Kong today, which was pretty quick! It consists of a prepainted fuselage with canopy, wings and tailplanes attached. The extra components including the nosecone, fuelprobe, undercarriage, hardpoints, tanks and bombs are attached to seperate sprues. There's also a small sheet of yellow and black checkerboard decals to apply to the fuselage.

It's a really nice model and will need minimal effort to assemble, although I'll need to make a new flight stand for it to replace the plastic one supplied in the box. It should look pretty good next to the other one I already have as they shoot across the table in a low level strafe run. The aircraft is in the markings of the VNAF 522nd Fighter Squadron which operated out of Bien Hoa air base in the early 1970's. There's some good footage of the unit in action in this clip:

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