Thursday, 14 January 2010

One And All

It's my birthday on Monday and I've been given £100 to spend on toy soldiers by my lovely wife! I'd like to make the most of it so have been looking again at my plan to build a BKC2 battlegroup around the 5th Battalion Duke of Cornwall's Light Infantry, which was one of the three battalions of 214th Infantry Brigade, 43rd Wessex Division, fighting from Normandy through to the end of the war.

I've returned to the excellent breakdown of ToE for both a British Infantry Battalion and an Infantry Brigade at the Miniature Wargaming site. The author has put together some very nice units based up for BKC too:

It's a mine of useful information with all the hard work done for you!

I'm thinking of either an infantry battalion plus selected divisional support units and perhaps a squadron or two of tanks, through to a full Infantry Brigade Group if it doesn't work out to be overly expensive (the infantry alone will cost at least £30!).

It doesn't break the NYR rule either, as I have the rules and some late war British bits and bobs already (well, a few universal carriers at least).

The Pithead late war British range is the obvious choice, together with selected extras from Pendraken. I like the fact that the Pithead vehicles provide pretty much all that I'd need while the late war British infantry figures really look the part with all their extra kit.

I'll knuckle down to work it all out tomorrow and see if it's feasible.


  1. Jim, I have a 3 ton radio truck and White scout car spare if you want them for this project.